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Green Living: Saving Energy This Season

Conserving energy during the Fall and Winter is about more than reducing your carbon footprint. It can also save you money. In today's economy it is crucial for families to search out easy ways to reduce their monthly expenses. In many areas of the country energy costs can become quite burdensome. FULL STORY ->
Video: Your Stake in the Home Office Deduction
An IRS video explains home office tax deductions. To qualify for the deductions, the IRS requires that you pass a few tests. Some mistakes are common. FULL STORY ->
Mortgage Rates Remain Low After Mixed Housing Reports
With the summer season now over, mortgage rates continue to remain low after mixed housing reports for the month of August. Data showed that consumers are still carefully looking at their options before committing to purchasing a home. While existing home sales surged, new home sales fell to a six month low in August as reported by the Commerce Department. FULL STORY ->
HOA Website Information
Accurate and reliable HOA information is extremely important for homeowner associations. Prospective buyers, real estate agents and title companies need to know who to contact to provide sale closing information. HOA members need to know who to contact for general information, rules enforcement and money matters. FULL STORY ->
Default Notices Rise
Home values have fought a hard battle the past few years. Credit woes and a depressed jobs market dragged values downward. RealtyTrac, the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties, reports that foreclosure filing rose a worrisome 7 percent in August. FULL STORY ->